Bakery Industry Related 21 Project Reports

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We provide prefeasibility industrial project reports in CD or as eBook to our valuable clients. Our bundle offer is for these 21 Industrial Project Reports.

1.            Automatic Biscuit Plant Project Report

2.            Automatic Bread and Biscuit Plant Project Report

3.            Bakery Unit (Rusk, Pastries, Project Report

4.            Baking Powder Project Report

5.            Biscuit Unit (Pineapple) Project Report

6.            Bread Plant Project Report

7.            Candy Hard Boiled Project Report

8.            Chocolate Project Report

9.            Confectionery Industry Project Report

10.          Confectionery Industry Project Report

11.          Custard Powder Project Report

12.          Icing Sugar Project Report

13.          Jelly Powder Project Report

14.          Lecithin (Soya Based) Project Report

15.          Milk Powder & Ghee Project Report

16.          Mini Flour Mill Project Report

17.          Mithaihalwai (Sweet & Namkeen) Project Report

18.          Potato Chipswaffers Project Report

19.          Roller Flour Mill (Mini Flour Mill) Project Report

20.          Yeast from Molasses Project Report

21.          Namkeen Industry Project Report

Individual cost of each project report is USD 400 per project report.  Hence total cost is USD 2000 Discounted cost for limmited time USD 1000.

The contents of project report are as follow:


3.Market survey                                  

4.Present manufacturers/exporters                                           

9.Process/Procedure (Whatever applicable)                     

10.Process flow chart                             

11.Raw material suppliers                         

12.Plant & machinery suppliers                   

13.Cost of plant economics                                                                                                                 

14.Land & building                                                                                                                                                

15.Plant and machinery                                                                                                                      

16.Fixed capital investment                                                                                                              

17.Raw material                                                                                                                                     

18.Salary and wages                                                                                                                            

19.Utilities and overheads                                                                                                                

20.Total working capital                                                                                                                      

21.Cost of production                                                                                                                         

22.Profitability analysis                                                                                                                       

23.Break even point                                                                                                                                            

24.Resources of finance                                                                                                                     

You can receive a copy of project reports  from this website any time, from anywhere in world instantly OR ask us to send your CD version of the same to your shipment/mailing address.

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