Cement Based & Grey Heat Coating Insulation Plate Adhesive Morto

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Our this formulation Document  Cement Based and Grey Heat Coating Insulation Plate Adhesive Mortar Production Process – II  (FOR2724), can be downlaoded or received as email attachment to your email here,

In many parts of the world, pollution flashovers have become the major impediment to the uninterrupted supply of electrical
power. On traditional glass and porcelain insulator surfaces, wet atmospheric conditions easily lead to the appearance of water films. If the contamination is very heavy, salts in the contaminants dissolve into the water films, resulting in
uncontrolled leakage currents, which easily lead to flashovers.  The maintenance of outdoor insulators has been an art learned through experience with many methods. One of the best methods to improve the insulator insulating properties, particularly in wet and heavily polluted conditions, is to coat the surfaces.

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