Cement Based Flexible & Hydrophobic Black Patching & Repairing

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Our this formulation  Cement Based Flexible & Hydrophobic Black Patching & Repairing Paste Production Process – I (for2786), can be downlaoded or received as email attachment to your email here,

The increase in deterioration to today’s infrastructure’s pavements has led to an increase in the number of binders and types of mixture designs available for rapid repair and rehabilitation. Typical ordinary portland cement (OPC) mixtures are acceptable for new pavement construction because contractors do not rely on high early strengths soon after placement. On the other hand, roads and bridge decks that have been open to traffic especially in densely populated areas, cannot be simply shut down to allow for repairs because this causes large traffic delays and involves high costs to keep the lanes closed to ensure the safety of construction workers for the duration of the repair. For this reason the implementation of rapid early-strength materials for fast-track concrete repair has become quite popular with transportation officials.

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